30 martie 2015



This was selfie month for me :))

Adriana wearing the Romanian blouse

Girls night

New cup

Pinka book of the month (my gift to Adriana)

Boys spoiling us

Heaven on a plate

Anouther new cup (Adriana's gift to me)

Love rings from Avon

Being crazy @ Jumbo

Glow in the dark courtesy of Porky's

New in my closet from my precious U-man shop

Baby pink

Adriana in mommy training

My butterfly nails

Adriana going blue and her brand new Lila Perfume from Yves Rocher

That what you get when you have a gorgeous friend (Adriana's perfect roses)

A little something for the girls

The perfect cake

Ii was a very sweet month that ended with muffins :D

New shade of blonde

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